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Bonanza School
"The Best Little School in the West"


Bonanza, Alberta, 130 km northwest of Grande Prairie. The school is part of Peace Wapiti Public School Division, with Central Office located in Grande Prairie.

Kindergarten to Grade 8. Three school buses provide daily transportation to the majority of the school's 72 students. After completing Grade 8, students are bused to Savanna School for Grades 9-12.

Special features:

The school features a municipal library, one-to-one Chromebooks and iPads, and a gymnasium.


The school offers speech language therapy, Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) program, Toe By Toe reading, Empower Reading, technology program using iPads and Chromebooks, a fully stocked Makerspace, and a mid-week hot lunch program.  


The Bonanza Bulldogs. Student-athletes play on mixed elementary/junior high soccer, badminton, T-ball, basketball and volleyball teams, and participate in various sports tournaments and games.

Contact us:
(780) 353-3788
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Trustee Contact:
Blaine Riding, Ward 2:[email protected]

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If you are in the area, stop by our office and meet some of our dedicated and caring staff. At Bonanza School, we truly believe and work hard to obtain our mission: "Success for all Learners."

About the community of Bonanza: 

Bonanza has a thriving economy comprised of oil and gas and agricultural industries. Citizens are very involved in their community and the school. Numerous volunteers assist school staff with coordinating and operating curricular and extra-curricular activities. Bonanza School benefits from frequent and generous individual and corporate donations which provide an abundance of technology, resources, and supplies for a school of its size.

Two general stores in Bay Tree and Bonanza provide local residents with food, fuel, mail services, and other basic needs. The community has a modern fire hall, bowling alley, and a large recreational hall. The area also boasts beautiful scenery and provides fantastic opportunities to view and hunt wildlife. The community utilizes the neighboring towns of Spirit River, AB and Dawson Creek, BC for services not available locally.

The Bonanza area is home to many forms of wildlife which may be found in their natural habitat or frequenting fields and farmlands. Moose, black bear, white tailed deer, mule deer, and elk (or wapiti - our school division's signature animal) may be seen feeding or strolling throughout the land. Skies are filled with Canada Geese, Tundra Swans, the occasional Trumpeter Swan, many species of ducks, and a variety of songbirds, jays, and birds of prey. Ravens are a common resident of the north, and on any give day, its raucous call can be heard echoing through the skies. Nature viewing is good just about anywhere. 

People in the area are busy with many tasks and often become very proficient in serving in a number of jobs. Agriculture is one of the main forms of livelihood in the Peace Country. Around Bonanza, there are many cattle farms, plenty of horses, grain farms, and many wonderful gardens.

The oil and gas industry, like most areas in the Peace Country, has really grown. Local roadways are busy with trucks transporting water, equipment, and workers to and from the many wells and plants. Many businesses have sprung up in the area to support the "oil patch," as it is known. The services offered by small businesses, such as community stores, craftspeople, water hauling, mechanics shops, and a host of others help keep our community alive and thriving.

Recreation in Bonanza and area is FUN!

The area is rich with a variety of activities such as horseback riding, dirt-biking and quadding. Check out the mud bog at the Bonanza Fair each summer! Skating, curling, ball, hockey, dance, drama, and many other activities keep people fit and socializing!

There are plenty of opportunities for camping, fishing in summer and winter, boating, water-skiing, swimming, hiking, and back-packing locally and within a few hours' radius.